Girls On Top

Girls On Top

Girls On Top

Three sassy Kiwi women 'get on top' of all the issues of the week. Some of the issues aren't even issues at all but crikey they make for a good yarn.

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Riley Hemson AKA "healthychick101" on how life is so much more than just your body - Girls On Top
  2. Abortion Law Reform, being lonely, and the trouble with porn - Girls On Top
  3. Having an identity crisis, Gracie's Euro adventure and Instagram - Girls On Top
  4. Theft, self-loathing, Snapchat sex and everything else! - Girls On Top
  5. The "Health and Wellness" and "Self-Love" movements - what does it all mean? - Girls On Top
  6. Manahou Mackay teaches us how to not care what other people think - Girls On Top
  7. Daisy Dagg on being a mother, a businesswoman and a WAG - Girls On Top

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