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Hit Canto

This issue of Hit Canto plays you the latest Canto Pop from artistes like: Dear Jane, Fred Cheng, Adrian Fu, Jinny Ng, Cath Wong and a special feature of Cass Phang, Sandy Lam and Jenny Tseng.

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Qian Bian Wan Hua - Alan Tam
  2. We Grew This Way - Sammi Cheng
  3. Walk Alone (Theme from TV Drama "The Legend of Dugu") - Shiga Lin
  4. Tonight - AGA
  5. Jin Cao Mei - Jason Chan
  6. Shan Ka Lar - Jay Fung
  7. Zai Jian Hui Gu Niang - Gigi Leung
  8. Shui Wu Jian - Mischa Ip
  9. Mi Shi Biao Can Dao - Hins Cheung
  10. Ku Ai - Hins Cheung
  11. Pan Ni Han Zi - Shirley Kwan
  12. If Only I Could Turn Back Time - Feanna Wong
  13. Unwilling (Theme from TV Drama "The Legend of Hao Lan") - Hana Kuk
  14. Tear Can't Speak - Stephanie Ho
  15. Secret Love (Theme from TV Drama "The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady") - Jinny Ng
  16. Ming Zhen - Robynn & Kendy
  17. Feng Mi - Gin Lee
  18. Bo Si Mao - Roman Tam
  19. Ji Guang Zhong - Roman Tam
  20. Chao You Yi - Eman Lam
  21. Single - Alfred Hui
  22. Yi Hu Yi Xi - Adrian Fu
  23. Leng Dan - Kelly Chen
  24. Always a Choice - Jone Chui
  25. Choice (Theme from TV Drama "Big White Duel") - Fred Cheng
  26. Liu Bing Gun Zu - Tat Ming Pair
  27. Ni Hai Ai Wo Ma - Tat Ming Pair
  28. 21 Who - Remus Choy
  29. Love Till The End - Wong Yik
  30. No Flowers Blooming In Winter - Leung Chiu Fung
  31. The Journeys - CHET LAM

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