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Hit Canto

This issue of Hit Canto plays you the latest Canto Pop from artistes like: Janice M. Vidal, Mag Lam, Jason Chan, Jan Lamb, William So and a special feature of Christopher Wong, Sammi Cheng and Anita Mui.

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Holy Workout Song - Janice M. Vidal
  2. Yi Dui Yi - Mischa Ip
  3. Old Times - Nowhere Boys
  4. Rose-Colored Glasses - Mag Lam
  5. Zui Hou De Xin Yang - Eman Lam
  6. Dang Zhe Di Qiu Mei You Zhong - ONE PROMISE
  7. Mou Yue Mou Ri Hui OK - Alan Tam
  8. Nan De You Qing Ren - Shirley Kwan
  9. Hello Merry X'mas - Christopher Wong
  10. Ri An You Yu - Christopher Wong
  11. Qi Zhe - Jason Chan
  12. Wu Jin Ai - Gigi Leung
  13. Centrifugal Force - Sugar Club
  14. Let It Shine - Leung Chiu Fung
  15. You Are My World (Ending Theme from TV Drama "Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber") - Hana Kuk
  16. Add Oil - Jan Lamb
  17. Era Of The Beast - Panther Chan
  18. Ding Dong - Sammi Cheng
  19. Chotto Deng Deng - Sammi Cheng
  20. Bunk Bed Mentality - Dear Jane
  21. Polka Dot Queen - Ivana Wong
  22. All That Jazz - William So
  23. Looking For Love In The Wrong Places - On Chan
  24. I Don't Know - Michael Lai
  25. The Last Polar Bears On Earth - Alfred Hui
  26. Teardrops In The Ocean - Kaho Hung
  27. Gu Shen Zou Wo Lu - Anita Mui
  28. Xi Yang Zhi Ge - Anita Mui
  29. Hui Lai Yi Hou - Alan Tam
  30. Wo Zai He Di - Chen Chu Sheng

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