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Sit down and relax to enjoy the latest Mandarin hits on your in-flight entertainment with great artistes like Jam Hsiao, Jolin Tsai, Stefanie Sun, Jimmy Lin, Karen Mok, and many more!

Rating: PG

Genre: Radio shows

  1. Ugly Beauty - Jolin Tsai
  2. Wo Yao Gei Shi Jie Zui You Chang De Shi Wen - Tanya Chua
  3. I Don't Love U, I Don't Hate U, I Don't.... - Tiger Hu
  4. Stuck in Dreams - F.E.E.L.
  5. Bu Zheng Chang De Zheng Chang - Xiao Qiu
  6. Snow Red - R-chord
  7. What's Wrong - Eric Chou
  8. Something Wrong? - Maggie Chiang
  9. Highway Lover - Marcus Chang
  10. Zhang Jia Ming And Wan Jun - Ronghao Li
  11. Under The Cloud - Han Hong
  12. Half in Heaven, Half on Earth - Karen Mok
  13. Night Owls - K.R Bros
  14. Forever Young - Eve Ai
  15. Carpe Diem - SUE
  16. Discover - Jam Hsiao
  17. WEI WAN DE JUAN LIAN (The TV plays theme song of "Long For U II") - A-Lin
  18. Digression - Valen Hsu
  19. Na Shuang Kan Jian De Shou - Wen Yin Liang
  20. Spokesman - Grady Guan
  21. Tattoo - Cubick Xiao
  22. Anniversary - Jess Lee
  23. The Cherished - Roy Wang
  24. Zai Qing Chun Mi Shi De Ka Fei Guan - Cyndi Wang
  25. Lian Ai Pao Pao Tang - Kai Le
  26. Dear Ocean (feat. Diana Wang) - Khalil Fong
  27. Tan Shui De Ren (Mandarin Version) - Cath Wong
  28. What to do - Jin
  29. Goodbye - Erika
  30. Keep Walking Keep Smiling - Apple Kho

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