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  1. Artificial Intelligence - NBR Radio
  2. John Barnett TV, Movies and entrepreneurship - NBR Radio
  3. Serial Entrepreneur Helen Robinson - Organic Initiative - NBR Radio
  4. Doug Hastie - From tea & biscuits to Swift Technology - NBR Radio
  5. Mental Health & Entrepreneurship - BizDojo’s Nick Shearing - NBR Radio
  6. Mixed Reality - The next step Joshua Mendoza in Silicon Valley - NBR Radio
  7. Global Cities - Hila Oren, CFO of Tel Aviv Foundation - NBR Radio
  8. Canadian Billionaire John McCall McBain - NBR Radio
  9. Number 8 wire mentality May Be No Longer Relevant - NBR Radio
  10. NBR’s Car of the Year - NBR Radio
  11. Ex Pat Politician doing Business in Niue ( Mark Blumsky) - NBR Radio
  12. Maori Entrepreneurs Business Incubator - NBR Radio
  13. Z Energy boss on the long term future of the business. - NBR Radio
  14. Workplace Wellness - NBR Radio
  15. Sam Stubbs  Coordinating the Chaos of Innovation - NBR Radio
  16. Alistair Newton - Geopolitical Risks - NBR Radio
  17. Professor Laurence Kotlikoff saying it like he sees it - NBR Radio
  18. Cybercrime – Are you at risk - NBR Radio
  19. Banqer – Preparing futures for our kids - NBR Radio

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