The Very Best Of

Bic Runga

The Very Best Of New Zealand Choice

A career-spanning collection from one of New Zealand’s most successful and revered female artists. The album brings together 22 hits and fan favourites from across Bic’s 20 year career, including 'Sway', 'Drive' and 'Close Your Eyes'.

Rating: PG

Genre: Pop / New Zealand Choice

  1. Sway - Bic Runga
  2. Get Some Sleep - Bic Runga
  3. Good Morning Baby - Big Runga & Dan Wilson
  4. Something Good - Bic Runga
  5. Listening for the Weather - Bic Runga
  6. Suddenly Strange - Bic Runga
  7. Drive - Bic Runga
  8. Winning Arrow - Bic Runga
  9. Bursting Through - Bic Runga
  10. Tiny Little Piece of My Heart - Bic Runga
  11. Say After Me - Bic Runga
  12. Roll into One - Bic Runga
  13. Hello Hello - Bic Runga
  14. Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart - Bic Runga
  15. Everything Is Beautiful and New - Bic Runga
  16. Precious Things - Bic Runga
  17. If You Really Do - Bic Runga
  18. Gravity - Bic Runga
  19. One More Cup of Coffee (with the Christchurch Symphony) [CSO Live Version] - Bic Runga
  20. Birds - Bic Runga
  21. The Be All and End All - Bic Runga
  22. Close Your Eyes - Bic Runga

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