Woke Up Today - The Definitive Collection

The Mockers

Woke Up Today - The Definitive Collection New Zealand Choice

A comprehensive, career-spanning collection of the '80s NZ new wave legends' finest moments.

Rating: PG

Genre: Classic Albums / New Zealand Choice

  1. Woke Up Today - The Mockers
  2. The Good Old Days - The Mockers
  3. Forever Tuesday Morning - The Mockers
  4. Cleopatra - The Mockers
  5. Swear It's True - The Mockers
  6. Alvison Park - The Mockers
  7. After the Rain - The Mockers
  8. One Black Friday - The Mockers
  9. Another Day - The Mockers
  10. Trendy Lefties - The Mockers
  11. Murder In Manners St. - The Mockers
  12. Far from the Madding Crowd - The Mockers
  13. A Winter's Tale - The Mockers
  14. New Day Dawning - The Mockers
  15. Seven Years Not Wasted - The Mockers
  16. Phone Call At Midnight - The Mockers
  17. Sleeping Through the Storm - The Mockers
  18. Another Boring Day In the Amazon - The Mockers
  19. Shield Yourself - The Mockers
  20. Shield Yourself (Original Version) - The Mockers
  21. Culprit and the King - The Mockers
  22. Take Back Your Tears - The Mockers

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