Alison Wonderland


Expanding on her signature sounds - pulverising beats, monstrous drops - “Good Girls Bad Boys” is so filthy it feels like a TNGHT collaboration, “High (feat. Trippie Redd)” is hazy and numb, while “No” and “Easy”, both co-written by Lorde collaborator Joel Little, are perfect electro-pop ear-worms.

Rating: R

Genre: Pop

  1. Good Enough - Alison Wonderland
  2. No - Alison Wonderland
  3. Okay - Alison Wonderland
  4. Easy - Alison Wonderland
  5. High (feat. Trippie Redd) - Alison Wonderland
  6. Here 4 U (Alison Wonderland x BLESSUS) - Alison Wonderland & BLESSUS
  7. Church - Alison Wonderland
  8. Cry (feat. Buddy) - Alison Wonderland
  9. Happy Place - Alison Wonderland
  10. Good Girls Bad Boys - Alison Wonderland
  11. Dreamy Dragon (feat. Chief Keef) - Alison Wonderland
  12. Hope (Interlude) - Alison Wonderland
  13. Sometimes Love (Alison Wonderland x SLUMBERJACK) - Alison Wonderland & SLUMBERJACK
  14. Awake - Alison Wonderland

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