Chasing The Sun

Sola Rosa, Kevin Mark Trail, Sharlene Hector

Chasing The Sun New Zealand Choice

Chasing the Sun is the first new album in five years from Kiwi musician and producer Andrew Spraggan, aka Sola Rosa – spanning the genres of electronic music, funk, hip-hop, nu jazz, R&B and soul.

Rating: PG

Genre: Alternative / New Zealand Choice

  1. For The Mighty Dollar - Sola Rosa, Kevin Mark Trail, Sharlene Hector
  2. Runnin' - Sola Rosa, Shach Seven, Sharlene Hector
  3. Something Good - Sola Rosa, Thandi Phoenix
  4. You Don't Know - Sola Rosa, Josh Barry
  5. Chasing The Sun - Sola Rosa, Wallace, Kevin Mark Trail
  6. Star To Star - Sola Rosa, Troy Kingi
  7. Searching For Love - Sola Rosa, Kiko Bun
  8. Shine On - Sola Rosa, Thandi Phoenix
  9. No Idea - Sola Rosa, Jerome Thomas
  10. So Many Times - Sola Rosa, Kevin Mark Trail
  11. My Love - Sola Rosa, Eva Lazarus
  12. Closing Statement - Sola Rosa, Wallace

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