Flexitime. All the time. With Flexitime Flyer membership

Important note: Flexitime Flyer was a limited time trial offer and is no longer on sale.

Never-ending meetings? Need another few hours with loved ones? Things change. But with Flexitime, so can your flights.

Enjoy all the benefits of Flexitime for the price of a Seat fare, when you fly within New Zealand, with Air New Zealand's new trial product - Flexitime Flyer.

Flexitime Flyer benefits include:

  • On the day of travel change to an earlier or later flight on the same day
  • Take a 23kg checked bag
  • Select your seat before your flight

Refer to the Flexitime Flyer membership FAQs for more information. See the Flexitime Flyer membership terms and conditions for full details.