Q & As

Questions do pop up from time to time, so we've put together a list of commonly asked questions.

Should your question not be listed below, please do contact the team.

Q: What defines a group?

10 or more people travelling together for a common purpose.

Q: I have 9 passengers or fewer, can I get the group rules?

Sorry but size does matter and we need a minimum of 10. If your enquiry is for 9 or less passengers travelling together, group fare rules do not apply. Please book them individually through your preferred method. Standard Airfare rules and conditions apply.

Q: How do I secure the booking?

Deposit and full payment dates are provided on firm quotes. Please pay the deposit amount by the specified deposit date outlined in the quote. Groups can be booked up to 11 months prior to travel.

Q: Some of the Group members want to join an International Group but are departing from another city, can they still be part of the group?

Provided that the group travels together (10 or more passengers) on one international sector, they are able to be classified as part of the Group. As such they are entitled to group rules and conditions. Please check with your Group Consultant for assistance.

Q: Someone is no longer able to travel as part of the Group, can they be replaced by another person?

Name changes can be made prior to departure when flying on Air NZ operated services, please check with your Air NZ group consultant for terms and conditions. Please ensure that names are as per passports.

Q: When do I need to advise names?

Date for final names is outlined in the booking confirmation. Date changes can be made after ticketing, prior to initial departure through your consultant.

Q: I made a booking with a travel agent and need to change my booking, what should I do?

Please contact your travel agent to assist with changing your group booking.

Q: What are the permitted forms of payment?

Credit card, cheque, Travelcard, (Air NZ charge card) or direct credit (please ask consultant for confirmation of NZ bank details prior to payment date).

Q: What is the seating layout of the plane?

Boeing 777-300, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 787-9, Airbus A320
Services within New Zealand: Airbus A320, Aerospatiale ATR72, Bombardier Q300

Q: One of the Group members' wish to extend their stay, is this possible?

Please consult with your Group Consultant, this is possible, but may incur additional costs.

Q: Can I pre-seat the group?

Seating can be arranged for International Groups booked on the Works product subject to availability. For domestic departures, seating will be provided by the airport on the day of departure.

Please note while we do all possible to seat the group together, this may not always be achievable due to operational requirements.

Q: Can I request a special Group Check-in for my group?

Some international routes and destinations restrict us from offering this service, please check with your Group Consultant.

Q: How much baggage can I take?

Group baggage allocations. Please do check with your Group consultant as some discounts may apply.

Q: How do I request a charter?

Please contact the Groups Team to request your groups charter travel requirements, advise how flexible you are with your times, days of the week and any specialty services that you wish for the charter.