Air New Zealand Holidays Stores

Effective 1 December 2015, Air New Zealand no longer owns or operates Holidays Stores.

Frequently asked questions

For new bookings, please contact one of the following for assistance:

You are able to purchase a travel voucher with one of our Air New Zealand Holidays travel brokers. Contact your travel broker and they can provide you a secure voucher valid for 12 months from the date of issue for you to book future travel arrangements with them.

Our Air New Zealand Holidays travel brokers are able to set up a travel gift register for you for weddings or special occasions and book your future travel arrangements on completion of the register.

Vouchers can be credited to your Airpoints™ account. Don't worry if you're not already an Airpoints member, you can join for free.

Once the voucher is credited to your Airpoints account, you can make purchases from the Airpoints™ store, as well as booking a flight. You can also use your Airpoints to book a hotel or rental car, or even buy a travel insurance.

If you'd rather not credit them to your Airpoints account, you can still use the voucher value towards the cost of an Air New Zealand airfare. Our Contact Centre will waive the normal booking service fee in this instance.

If you hold a membership with another Star Alliance airline frequent flyer programme, you can have the voucher value credited to that account in the equivalent amount of miles or points.

Please complete the online form for your preferred redemption option.

For new activations and information visit
Alternatively visit your local BNZ Bank branch.

Unfortunately as Air New Zealand has exited from the Holidays Stores business, the previous discount is no longer available.