National cargo products & services

All the information you need to select the best option to move your cargo around New Zealand.
  • Drop your cargo off 120 minutes before departure and we will move it on a same day flight for you to collect 45 minutes after arrival. 
    Book GoGeneral
  • Drop your cargo off 60 minutes before departure and we will move it on the next flight for you to collect 35 minutes after arrival. 
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  • Every year we transport thousands of live animals around New Zealand. Needless to say, we know our stuff. We can arrange the safe and timely travel for your pet or livestock. 
    Get your animal ready to fly
  • Did you realise that not all goods are equal? If you want to send any items, check up on restrictions before you select the appropriate service. 
    Contact us directly if you are unsure
Air New Zealand A320.
Service restrictions

GoGeneral is available for dry goods, human remains, pets, perishables and dangerous goods. GoPriority is available for dry goods, biological products, valuable cargo and perishables. Contact us if you are unsure. For more information, please see the product specifications.

A couple waiting for luggage at baggage claim.
Excess or oversized baggage

Travelling on a domestic flight with three or more bags or items over 23kg? If they weigh under 32kg and fit in the aircraft cargo hold to your destination, we can offer a special rate for them to travel as ‘cargo’. If your item is larger than a suitcase, check with us first. Check out our prices.