NZ Post (YouShop)

Until 01 December 2018, ship your online shopping home with NZ Post’s YouShop service and earn Airpoints Dollars™.

YouShop gives you delivery addresses on the ground in the UK (for shopping across Europe), USA and China, so you can get access to brands and variety that you couldn't get before. You enter your YouShop address at the merchant's checkout - the online merchant gets your items to that address, then NZ Post gets them to your door in New Zealand.

Earning Airpoints Dollars with YouShop

Until 01 December 2018**, you'll earn 1 Airpoints™ Dollar for every NZD $40 spent on standard shipping through YouShop and now with YouShop Oversize, items over 30kg and longer than 1.5m that you ship from the US can earn you Airpoints Dollars too.

Oversize items can take a little longer to arrive in NZ due to being shipped via seafreight between 4-8 weeks, so get in touch with YouShop as soon as possible to request a quote. Full details and pricing for YouShop can be found on the YouShop website.

If you haven't used YouShop before, you can sign up for free. If you're already a YouShop user, update your user profile within your New Zealand Post account by entering your Airpoints™ membership number. To learn more about how YouShop works, watch this short video.

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