Claiming your funds back

All OneSmart Accounts held prior to 14 November 2016 are inactive.

If you had funds on an old OneSmart account, these are being held securely by BNZ. To claim these funds back, log into your Air New Zealand online account and follow the prompts on the OneSmart tab.

Here's how it works

  • Once you click the 'Claim your funds' button, you will be redirected to a BNZ withdrawal request form. Please have your bank account details handy.
  • BNZ will send your funds back to your nominated New Zealand bank account once all transactions have been completed.
  • Your claim may take up to 35 days, and you'll get an email from BNZ once completed to confirm your refund amount (and any applicable foreign exchange rates).

The reason it may take up to 35 days to receive your funds back is there may still be some transactions pending. BNZ will wait for those to transactions to be completed before sending the funds back to your nominated bank account.

Not sure if you had funds?

If you don't see the 'Claim your funds' tile once logged into your Air NZ account, that means you didn't have any funds on your old OneSmart account.

To request a copy of your old OneSmart account transaction history, please follow the steps available at