OneSmart account fee schedule

Last updated on 21 May 2013

All fees listed are in New Zealand dollars ("NZD") unless otherwise stated.

Monthly account fee


Deducted from your OneSmart Account monthly on the anniversary of the date you Activated. This fee will only be deducted if you have funds loaded on your Account.

If there are insufficient funds in your NZD Currency Wallet to pay the fee, an Auto Wallet Transfer will be made. See section 4.2 of the OneSmart Account Terms and Conditions for further details.

Loading funds via internet banking1


Loading funds at retail partners


This service may be available in the future at a date to be advised.

International ATM withdrawal2

3 free per month3 then:

Following the 3 free per month when you withdraw funds from an ATM overseas, the fee applied depends on the currency you are withdrawing.

If withdrawing a Supported Currency, the fees listed for that Supported Currency will be deducted from that Currency Wallet.

If withdrawing an Unsupported Currency, this fee will be deducted from your New Zealand dollar Currency Wallet.

In either case, if you have insufficient funds in the relevant Currency Wallet, the fee will be deducted as set out in section 4.2 of the OneSmart Account Terms and Conditions.

Domestic ATM withdrawal2


When you withdraw funds from an ATM in New Zealand.

Balance enquiry


When you request a balance from an ATM in New Zealand or overseas.

Currency conversion fee - for Unsupported Currencies


If you make a purchase or use an ATM in an Unsupported Currency, the transaction value will be converted to New Zealand dollars at the MasterCard Conversion Rate and a Currency conversion fee of 2.50% of the transaction value will apply. See section 5.4(b) of the OneSmart Account Terms and Conditions for an example of how this fee is applied.

Purchasing Airpoints Dollars™


When you use funds from your NZD Currency Wallet to purchase Airpoints Dollars for yourself or another New Zealand based Airpoints™ Programme member.

Purchasing a Secondary card


This service may be available in the future at a date to be advised.

Replacement card


Airpoints card or Secondary card.

Express delivery


Dispute handling


If you dispute a transaction with a merchant which proves unsuccessful.

Account refund handling


Where you require a refund of your Available Balance (in New Zealand dollars only), to your New Zealand bank account, cheque or cash.

Paper statement


YAP Mobile services4: Balance enquiry


Via text

YAP last transaction enquiry4


Via text

YAP transaction alert4


Text alert

YAP account transfers4


OneSmart Account to OneSmart Account transfers via text

1 Additional charges from your internet banking provider may apply.

2 In addition to the ATM fees listed here, some ATM operators may charge a fee to withdraw cash or when you request a balance enquiry from their ATMs which you may not be advised of at the time. Currency conversion fees may apply.

3 Our three free International ATM withdrawals are based on a calendar month.

4 Additional charges (domestic and international) from your mobile phone service provider may also apply.

If your Available Balance is less than any applicable fee, only the remaining Available Balance will be deducted, i.e. your OneSmart Account will not go negative to effect a fee payment.

Where applicable, these fees are GST inclusive.

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