Rent for 10 days or more in New Zealand and save $150

Rent for 10 days or more with Budget New Zealand and save $150, plus earn Airpoints Dollars™.
Book now and save $150

Rent with Budget New Zealand for 10 days or more and save $150


NZ fleet - Budget - Toyota Rav4 - Group P.

Coupon number MPNZ144 must be quoted at time of booking or rental. Offer applies to rentals commencing prior to 11 December 2017.

Offer is available on Sub Compact Hatch (Group A), Compact Hatch Manual (B), Compact Hatch Auto (C), Compact SUV (G), Intermediate Sedan (D), Full Size (E), Hybrid Eco Friendly Sedan (K), Full Size Elite (H), Intermediate SUV (P), Standard SUV (S) and Full Size SUV (F) vehicles only, subject to availability. A minimum rental of ten consecutive days is required.

Earn 3 Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars™ for every eligible rental day at global destinations.

Destination: New Zealand
Travel period: Rentals commencing prior to 11 December 2017
Sale ends: 30 November 2017