Rent for 3 days, pay for 2

Heading to Aussie for the weekend? You could get a free day from Avis.
Book now to get a free day rental in Australia

Plus earn 3 Airpoints Dollars™ per rental day

AU Fleet - Avis - Mitsubishi Pajero Sports - Group W.

Coupon number TPSA003 must be quoted at the time of booking. Offer applies to 3 day weekend rentals commencing in June 2018.

Rental must include Saturday overnight. Pick-up required between Thursday noon and Saturday at 11.59pm.

Offer is available on Economy (Group A), Compact Auto (B), Intermediate (C), Standard (D), Full Size (E), Full Size Sports (P), Full Size Wagon (F), Premium (G), Luxury (H), Intermediate 4WD (K), Hybrid (L), Standard SUV (S) Full Size Van (V), Full Size 4WD (W) and Prestige (Z) cars only.

Earn 3 Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars for every eligible rental day at global destinations, when booking through the book now button above.

Destination: Australia
Travel period: Rentals commencing prior to 30 June 2018
Sale ends:
30 June 2018