Allergy alerts

People with severe food allergies can react to tiny traces of certain food types inadvertently present in ingredients or on cooking utensils.

Since Air New Zealand's inflight meals are prepared at over 20 kitchens around the world and each kitchen sources food and ingredients from many different suppliers, it is not feasible to test or control every ingredient and utensil used in preparing every meal to the level of being able to guarantee there will be no traces of an allergen substance present.

We also realise that some customers have allergies so severe they can react to the presence of tiny quantities of food in the air, the most common example being peanuts. Experience has shown it is not feasible to exclude these minute traces from the aircraft environment, since we cannot control what is brought onboard by other passengers or left behind by passengers from previous sectors. We therefore, advise that we are unable to provide allergen-free meals and/or an allergen-free environment on any of our services. We do have a selection of special meal options available, however please note that we are not able to cater for individual requests for specific food items to be included or excluded from any of our meals.

Self catering

If you need to be absolutely certain of an allergen-free meal, you're welcome to bring your own meal on board. However, because of limited aircraft facilities, we are not able to heat meals that you bring with you, nor are we able to refrigerate your meal in case the container should become contaminated with other food in the aircraft refrigerator. Please note on international services, all food must be consumed or left onboard the flight on each sector because of quarantine regulations in overseas countries.

For more information about bringing your own meals, please contact the Air New Zealand Contact Centre.

Allergy medication

We recommend that anyone suffering from allergies carry medication prescribed by their doctor to take in the event of a reaction. If you are not sure that you will be able to administer your own medication in an emergency, you are advised to travel with a person who is able to assist you. In case of a medical emergency, there is a comprehensive physician's kit onboard international services, and this is made available for use by any travelling doctor. Please note that Air New Zealand Cabin Crew are not permitted to administer medication.

Air New Zealand also has an aviation medical specialist on call 24 hours a day to assist our staff with medical incidents inflight.

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