FlyNeutral. Our carbon offset programme

We make it easy to offset your flight's carbon emissions.

He waka eke noa - we are all on this journey together

Air travel connects loved ones, economies and cultures. But it also produces carbon emissions that have a negative impact on our climate.

We're committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon emissions. But we can do more together - one way you can help is to offset your flight's carbon emissions.

Carbon offsetting

We've made it easy for you to offset your flight's carbon footprint through FlyNeutral, our carbon offsetting programme.

Through FlyNeutral, we calculate the carbon emissions your share of the flight will create. Then we calculate what it will cost to remove those emissions from the atmosphere.

The money collected is used to buy 'carbon credits' from carefully selected projects that remove emissions or prevent them in first place.

These carbon credits are then cancelled or retired in the appropriate registry. This process removes the credits from circulation permanently and completes the 'offset' of your flight's carbon emissions.

FlyNeutral partners

Through FlyNeutral, carbon credits are purchased from a carefully selected portfolio of projects, that prevent or remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Half of the carbon emitted is offset with carbon credits generated from permanent native forestry projects in New Zealand:

  1. NZ Native Forest Restoration Trust projects (various reserves across the North Island)
  2. Wellington City Council's Outer Green Belt
  3. Coatbridge Native Forest Project (Marlborough)
  4. Tempello Biodiversity Project (Marlborough)
  5. Owenga Reserve (Chatham Islands)

The other half is offset with carbon credits generated from biodiversity and sustainable energy projects in network destinations:

  1. Solar Cooking Project (China, verified Carbon Standard accredited)
  2. Prony and Kafeate Wind Project (New Caledonia, Gold Standard accredited)
  3. Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor (Western Australia, Gold Standard accredited)

In New Zealand, Permanent Forests NZ Ltd help us source carbon credits from permanent native forestry. Internationally, ClimateCare helps us source real, measurable and verified carbon credits from carefully selected projects.

Air New Zealand doesn't make any money from the FlyNeutral programme.

How to offset your carbon emissions through FlyNeutral

Through our website

Offsetting your carbon emissions is easy when you book your flight on our website. Just choose how much of your emissions to offset under 'Extras', then we'll do the rest.

Already booked or flown with us? Use our carbon offset calculator instead.

Business account travellers

Our FlyNeutral programme helps you manage and offset your businesses' carbon impact. If you are a contracted business or government customer:

Our emissions certification

Toitū Envirocare has certified the air travel emissions data for use under ISO 14064-1:2006.