Air New Zealand's carbon offset programme

Helping you offset the carbon emissions from your Air New Zealand flights with confidence and transparency.

FlyNeutral supports New Zealand travellers to offset the carbon emissions associated with their Air New Zealand flights.

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About Carbon Offsetting

A way to reduce the impact your air travel has on the environment is to purchase emissions reductions from environmentally beneficial projects.

Permanent forests and sustainable, low-energy energy projects generate emission reductions that can be measured as carbon credits. These carbon credits can then be bought by customers to address the carbon emissions from their air travel.

This concept is known as carbon offsetting. Anyone can purchase carbon credits and use them to offset their own carbon emissions.

In simple terms, offsetting one tonne of carbon means there will be one fewer tonne of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there would otherwise have been. 

Air New Zealand has partnered with ClimateCare to deliver an easy and transparent carbon offsetting programme for our customers. 

Air New Zealand doesn't make any margin on the carbon credits purchased under FlyNeutral - all funds received from customers, net of tax, go directly towards the supply of the carbon credits.

We want to help our customers take a small action that can lead to great outcomes.

For more information about the projects and the price of carbon credits in the FlyNeutral programme, click here.

To learn more about carbon offsetting with Air New Zealand, see the FAQs.

Read more about our carbon management approach.

Offsetting for Individual Travellers

When booking your Air New Zealand flight on our New Zealand website, you can select to offset the carbon emissions from your flight and the cost of the carbon credits will be added to the total amount paid for the flight.

If you decide after you have booked your flight that you want to offset it, you can use our carbon offset calculator.

Offsetting for Business Travellers

FlyNeutral also makes understanding and managing carbon impacts from air travel easier and more visible for our contracted corporate and government customers.

You can request a report setting out the carbon emissions from your organisation's Air New Zealand travel and easily and confidently offset them. 

FlyNeutral delivers complete transparency as to how the emissions are calculated, the price of the carbon credits to offset those emissions, and the projects generating those carbon credits. Our customers can also use FlyNeutral to offset other organisational carbon emissions.

If you have a dedicated Air New Zealand account manager, contact them for a customised carbon emissions report and find out how you can offset your organisation's emissions.

If you are an Air New Zealand business customer, and you already know your organisational emissions for your flights or other emissions sources, you can offset them by completing a Customer Offset Request which will be processed by our carbon offsetting partners, ClimateCare.

Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited has certified the air travel emissions data for use under ISO 14064-1:2006 and in the Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme (CEMARS®) and carboNZeroCertTM programmes. The carbon credits sourced for the FlyNeutral programme and the method of offsetting under FlyNeutral meets the requirements of the carboNZero programme.

Carbon offset projects and carbon credit pricing

The carbon emission reduction projects supplying carbon credits to the FlyNeutral programme have been chosen carefully to provide permanent, verified and sustainable emission reductions.

It is important to Air New Zealand that as well as tackling climate change now, these projects support innovation and investment for the future.

The projects are based in New Zealand and in other countries Air New Zealand flies to, particularly in the Pacific region.

  • All New Zealand permanent native forest restoration projects are managed and sourced by Permanent Forests NZ Ltd.
  • All international sustainable energy projects are managed and sourced by ClimateCare.

For more information about the projects and the price of carbon credits in the FlyNeutral programme, click here.