FlyNeutral. Our carbon offset programme

Offset your flight's carbon emissions and support our native biodiversity at the same time.

He waka eke noa - we are all on this journey together

Air travel connects loved ones, economies and cultures. But it also creates carbon emissions.

We're committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon emissions. But we can do more with your help.

FlyNeutral lets you offset your share of a flight's carbon emissions with carbon credits from international projects, while accelerating biodiversity and climate outcomes in New Zealand.

You can contribute to FlyNeutral when you book your flight, or at any time afterwards.

And now, we've made FlyNeutral even better.

How does FlyNeutral work?

We've made some changes to FlyNeutral

We originally sourced half of our FlyNeutral carbon credits from permanent native forestry projects in New Zealand.

We can no longer find enough of these carbon credits in New Zealand to meet demand.

Caring for New Zealand remains at the heart of our airline. So we're taking a new approach to FlyNeutral. You can offset your flight related emissions, as well as contribute to better climate and biodiversity outcomes for New Zealand.

You're still offsetting 100% of your carbon

We're now sourcing our carbon credits from international projects that comply with international best practice. These projects prevent carbon from entering the atmosphere. ClimateCare helps us source these real, measurable and verified carbon credits.

FlyNeutral calculates your share of your flight's carbon emissions. Then it matches those emissions with carbon credits to offset them. We purchase these carbon credits for you from certified international projects.

Once matched, your carbon credits will be retired in the appropriate registry. This removes them from circulation, and offsets your flight's carbon emissions.

And you're now directly supporting New Zealand native reforestation too

Until now, FlyNeutral has supported New Zealand's native forests through the purchase of carbon credits. Going forward, your FlyNeutral contribution will also directly support a New Zealand project to protect our biodiversity and our ecology's health.

We've partnered with our long-term partners, the Native Forest Restoration Trust. Your FlyNeutral funds will now support them directly, on top of your 100% carbon offset. Your funds will be spent on activities that accelerate the permanent restoration, regeneration and protection of New Zealand's native biodiversity.

Air New Zealand does not make any money from FlyNeutral.

Find out more about reforestation and biodiversity

The Aotearoa Circle has produced a report called Native Forests: Resetting the Balance. Air New Zealand co-chaired the production of this report and its findings. It confirms that New Zealand's biodiversity is in crisis and that funding is required to accelerate native afforestation in New Zealand. It also explores the huge benefits of native forestry regeneration, such as:

  • Absorbing carbon
  • Restoring biodiversity
  • Improving soil health
  • Helping to restore our ecosystem's resilience

Our FlyNeutral partners

FlyNeutral for business travellers

FlyNeutral helps you understand your organisation's carbon impact. If your business or government agency has a contract with us, find out more from your Account Manager.

FlyNeutral is not about making money

Air New Zealand makes no money or margin from the operation of FlyNeutral.

Our emissions certification

Toitū Envirocare has certified the air travel emissions data for use under ISO 14064-1:2006.