Langham Hospitality Group. Langham’s rapidly expanding portfolio now spans four continents, covering major gateway cities in both the East and the West. The Group continues to captivate with its dynamic and unique hotel brands, including The Langham, Langham Place, and Eaton.

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To earn Airpoints Dollars™
Remember to mention you are an Airpoints™ member at the time of booking and then present your membership card at check-in.

Airpoints Dollars Earned at Properties in New Zealand and Australia:
The Langham Hotels and Resorts Airpoints logo20* per stay
Airpoints Dollars Earned at Properties in Rest of World:
The Langham Hotels and Resorts, Langham Place Hotels and Resorts Airpoints logo20* per stay
Eaton Hotels Airpoints logo10* per stay


The Langham Hotels and Resorts
Enchanting · Elegant · Timeless · Indulging · Poise

Langham is where guests can be charmed by rich traditions and elegant innovations. Each of Langham's hotels exudes a sense of timeless elegance, blending a sense of the past with the vitality of the contemporary.

Indulge in this tranquil haven that has been crafted and refined for over 147 years.

Langham Place Hotels and Resorts
Stimulating · Engaging · Fun · Artistic · Wired

Whatever you may have thought of five-star hotels in the past, think again! Langham Place challenges the accepted definition of luxury, creating a new, exciting hotel experience and an inspiration for the curious and the adventurous.

You will find a refreshing sense of modern elegance as soon as you step into any Langham Place hotel: modern art that intrigues, music that inspires, flavours that titillate and aromas that arouse.

Eaton Hotels
Accessible · Convenient · Balanced · Happening · Social

Eaton features the upscale Eaton Luxe and midscale Eaton Smart. Eaton hotels encourage balanced living through tasteful, urban cool design and easily accessible range of facilities.

All in all they offer an effortless, affordable and engaging hospitality experience for today’s frequent travellers.