When booking your domestic flight you now have more flexibility and more choice thanks to our new domestic Seats to Suit fares.

Our fares give you the simplicity of one-way pricing and the choice of four fare types. For example, grabaseat are our lowest priced fares and give you the option of paying for a checked bag, Smart Saver includes one checked bag as standard and the ability to select your seat, while Flexi Plus fares includes 2 checked bags and are fully refundable up until departure.

You can travel with these fares throughout 26 New Zealand domestic destinations from Kaitaia to Invercargill.

Learn about our different fare types by having a look at the table below, or for the full list of fare rules use the menu on the right. You'll need to know about the rules and conditions when selecting your fares since some types are non-refundable and become non-changeable on the day of travel. Pick the option that best suits your travel needs.

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Cabin baggage 1 Cabin Baggage. 7kg
1 Cabin Baggage. 7kg 1 Cabin Baggage. 7kg 1 Cabin Baggage. 7kg
Airpoints™ Gold / Elite are permitted to carry two pieces weighing a maximum combined total of 14kgs (30lbs), with one of those items weighing up to 10kgs.
Check-in baggage No checked-in baggage. 1 Checked-in baggage. 23kg 1 Checked-in baggage. 23kg 2 Checked-in baggage. 23kg
Airpoints Gold / Elite and Koru members may check-in 1 additional piece.
Standard Seat Select included Cross. Cross. Tick. Tick.
But, you can select a seat from just $5!
Airpoints Gold / Elite and Koru members can select Standard seats for all fares for no charge and also enjoy access to designated seating areas.
In flight snack Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.
Changes permitted until day before departure with payment of $50 change fee per person (infants exempt). May also require a fare upgrade.
Free to change at the airport on day of travel. Other changes (permitted at any time) may require a fare upgrade.
Cancellation No refund.
Up to day of departure, fully refundable (unless changed from a grabaseat or Smart Saver fare when only upgraded portion is refundable). After departure, a $50 refund fee per person per one-way journey applies.
No Airpoints Dollars earned. Eligible for Status Points accrual except when purchased with Airpoints Dollars.
Eligible for Airpoints Dollars and Status Points except when purchased with Airpoints Dollars or Fly Buys.
Please note
  • Excess baggage charges apply if baggage allowance exceeded.
  • Infant strollers and car seats are permitted free of charge for all fare types when accompanied with an infant
  • Infants are entitled to a 1 piece cabin baggage allowance but do not receive a checked baggage allowance.
  • Inflight snack not offered on Eagle Airways operated flights.
  • Tickets are not transferable to another person.
  • Further baggage information for our frequent flyers is available