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24 Hour Bike Hire - Sydney - Bonza Bike Tours

Explore Sydney at your own pace on a self-guided tour of Sydney!

  • Hot Deal
  • $1450Save $14.50
  • 50%Discount
  • 2Spaces
  • Between20 Aug - 28 Aug

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Sydney self guided bike  tour

Self-Driven Zippy Red Speedboat Harbour Tour

Get a completely different take on a world class view as you drive your own zippy 2-seater speedboat around a spectacular selected array of Sydney harbour sights!

  • Hot Deal
  • $13430Save $23.70
  • 15%Discount
  • 4Spaces
  • Between20 Aug - 28 Aug
speedboat tour

Museum of Freemasonry - Entry and Guided Tour

Step into the finest example of Brutalist Architecture in the Southern Hemisphere and discover the mysteries and secrets of Ancient Freemasonry!

  • Hot Deal
  • $5Save $5.00
  • 50%Discount
  • 16Spaces
  • Between20 Aug - 28 Aug
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