Whether you’re short a couple of Airpoints Dollars for that holiday in the islands or need to top up your balance to buy a gift for that someone special from the Airpoints store, all you need to do is log in into your OneSmart Account, click on 'Buy Airpoints Dollars', enter the amount you need and click on 'Submit'. Your Airpoints Dollar balance will be topped up instantly.

Important things to remember

You must have enough money in your New Zealand dollar wallet to make an Airpoints top-up request - including the NZ$5 fee. The fee is deducted separately from your OneSmart Account, so there's no need to add it to the amount to be purchased. 

Airpoints Dollar purchases are also non-refundable so double check your purchase before you click on submit!

Customers who purchase fares using Airpoints Dollars will be required to pay for any government and airport charges with cash when redeeming on Air New Zealand flights1.

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