The great thing about Status Points is that you'll earn them on Air New Zealand flights1 and many Star Alliance and other partner flights. So even if you're flying on our cheapest fares, you’ll still be getting closer to the next tier.

Status Points must be earned in a 12 month period to achieve tier status. However, once you achieve a tier status, you only require 90% of those Status Points to retain that status the following year.

To become an Elite, Gold or Silver Airpoints™ member make sure you give us your Airpoints number every time you fly with Air New Zealand or one of our applicable partner airlines. Once you've reached Elite, Gold or Silver status, you'll enjoy a range of benefits and privileges whenever you travel with Air New Zealand or our Star Alliance Partners.

As an added bonus Status Points can also be earned on selected Airpoints credit cards. Status Points earned on credit cards count towards 50% of the Status Points you require each 12 month period to retain or upgrade your tier status for Silver and Gold Members. Status Points earned on credit cards count towards 40% of the Status Points required each 12 month period to retain or upgrade your tier status for Elite members. Visit our Airpoints Calculator to find out how many Airpoints Dollars™ and Status Points you could be earning each month.

Status Points required to achieve each Tier Status

Tier Number of Status Points2 required to upgrade Number of Status Points2 required to retain Tier Status
Silver 4503
Gold 9004
1,5005 1,3505

To see how many Status Points your qualifying flight will earn you check out the Airpoints Dollars and Status Points earning rates look up table^ for details.

To view your current tier status and see how many Status Points you need to earn to reach the next tier status, simply sign in to your Air New Zealand account.

Retaining your Elite status

Elite members can roll over Status Points earned over and above the qualifying threshold of 1,350 Status Points (810 must be earned on Air New Zealand operated flights) towards their Status Point balance in the following membership year. Roll over Status Points will be allocated by their origin of earning, displayed as Air New Zealand flights and other earning.

For example, if you earn 1,600 Status Points you will be able to rollover 250 Status Points to count towards requalification next year. You can roll over up to 1,049 Status Points in this way. When combining roll over and current Status Points the minimum requirement of 810 Status Points earned on Air New Zealand operated flights will still apply.

If an Elite member earns over 2,400 Status Points (1,400 Status Points must have been earned on Air New Zealand operated flights) in a membership year, instead of rolling over Status Points to the next year, they'll automatically receive a complimentary banked year at Elite Tier Status to use in the future. Complimentary banked years will be added to your account on your re‐qualification anniversary date and will be stored until they're needed. Status Points that are rolled over from the preceding membership year cannot be used for the purpose of qualifying for a complimentary year at Elite.

You can keep track of the Status Points roll over balance and the number of Elite years you have banked on your Air New Zealand account.