If you're flying on our Air New Zealand Link turbo-prop services* things are now a whole lot easier. Fast Bag allows Elite, Gold and Koru members to drop their bags off at the aircraft and pick them up right after landing.

To use this great service, your bag needs a blue Fast Bag tag loop, which attaches your Elite, Gold or Koru tag to your bag. The Fast Bag tag loop will be sent with your next welcome pack, or if you wish you can pick this up from one of the hosts in the Koru Lounge.

Once you have a tag on your bag, there's no need to check your bag in, and if you have checked in using the mobile app or online, you can go directly to the gate. Just attach your Fast Bag tag, swipe your boarding pass at the gate and simply drop off your bag at the aircraft on the clearly-marked Fast Bag trolley.

When you arrive, your bag will be waiting for you near the aircraft in the Fast Bag collection zone. How easy is that?

Each bag must weigh less than 15kg and there is a maximum of 2 bags per passenger. You may either check in your bag OR use the Fast Bag service, not a combination of both.

Fast Bag is only available on direct Air New Zealand Link services with no stopovers or connecting flights and when travelling on a ticket that includes checked baggage allowance.

As with all bags, please ensure that you haven't packed any dangerous goods or other prohibited items.

This service is only available when travelling on a ticket that includes checked baggage allowance.