With online check-in you can print your boarding pass before the airport or use mobile boarding passes in the Air NZ mobile app, so you’ll only need to use the kiosk or counter if you have luggage to check in.

In some situations we can’t issue a boarding pass online. You’ll need to complete check-in at the airport if:

  • You haven't meet the entry and transit requirements (such as a visa, ESTA or proof of onward ticket) for your destinations
  • You are departing from an airport where home printed or mobile boarding passes are not accepted, such as Norfolk Island, Niue Island, Singapore Changi International and Ngurah Rai (Bali) International

How to check in online

Go to any of these:

When to check in online

Online check-in opens 24 hours before your flight. If you’re checking in a bag, remember that you still have to tag and drop your bags before bag drop closes. You should also be at the departure gate on time with a suitable type of boarding pass for your flight.

Bag drop closes:

  • 30 minutes before domestic New Zealand flights
  • 60 minutes before international flights, except for flights departing from Sydney, London Heathrow and all US and Candadian airports when it closes 75 minutes before your flight departure