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Little Barrier Experience - Island Cruise - Gulf Eco Adventures

Join Gulf Eco Adventures for an unforgettable journey to the treasured island of Hauturu Little Barrier!

  • Hot Deal
  • $59Save $66.00
  • 53%Discount
  • 3Spaces
  • Between19 Aug - 27 Aug

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Cruise Dolphins

PADI Discover Snorkelling - Guided Snorkeling Trip - Waiheke Dive & Snorkel

Explore the beautiful waters of Waiheke with an exciting guided snorkeling trip brought to you by Waiheke Dive & Snorkel!

  • Hot Deal
  • $49Save $20.99
  • 30%Discount
  • 8Spaces
  • Between19 Aug - 27 Aug

PADI Discover Scuba Diving - Waiheke Dive & Snorkel

Discover what it’s like to breathe under water with a PADI Discover Scuba Diving program brought to you by Waiheke Dive & Snorkel!

  • Hot Deal
  • $159Save $40.99
  • 20%Discount
  • 8Spaces
  • Between19 Aug - 27 Aug
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