Airpoints™ Mall terms & conditions

Last updated 15 September 2014

Your use of the Airpoints Mall website is subject to the following terms and conditions:

By using this Airpoints Mall you confirm that you agree to each of the above terms and conditions. If you do not agree, do not use this website.

The Airpoints Mall website is operated by International Customer Loyalty Programmes Pty Ltd (ICLP) in conjunction with Air New Zealand.

The Airpoints Mall is for the sole use of Airpoints Members acting in their private capacity. The Airpoints Mall must not be used for commercial purposes.

You must be a New Zealand resident to use and make purchases through the Airpoints Mall.

You may earn Airpoints Dollars™ for qualifying purchases made through the Airpoints Mall if:

  • Your Airpoints Membership is current;
  • You are a New Zealand resident;
  • At the time of making the qualifying purchase through the Airpoints Mall:
    • You have supplied your correct Airpoints Membership number and password;
    • You have accessed an eligible retailer's website via a link from the Airpoints Mall
    • Your computer settings allowed first and third party cookies to be set (cookies help us accrue the correct Airpoints Dollars to your Airpoints account).

Airpoints Dollars earning rates can be changed without notice.

Purchases of all goods and services at the Airpoints Mall are subject to the terms and conditions of the retailer from whom they are purchased including, but not limited to, delivery and return policies. If an Airpoints member has any questions regarding their purchase, or complaints, they must contact the retailer directly.

The retailer's purchase conditions may specify that Airpoints Dollars may not be earned, or may be earned at different rates, for certain goods or services purchased through the Airpoints Mall. It is an Airpoints Member's responsibility to review the specific purchase conditions for each retailer on the Airpoints mall before making a purchase.

It is a condition of use of the Airpoints mall that Airpoints members agree to the use of cookies to track and record purchases made by them at the Airpoints Mall. It is an Airpoints member's responsibility to ensure that cookies are turned on in their browser and that the security settings in their browser allow the use of cookies.

The purchase price of all goods and services offered for sale at the Airpoints Mall is in the currency specified by the retailer. Airpoints members must check with the retailer if they are in any doubt regarding the currency of their purchase.

Airpoints Dollars earned on purchases conducted in currencies other than New Zealand Dollars are calculated based on monthly fixed currency exchange rates based on the relevant exchange rate on the first day of each calendar month, sourced from These rates are subject to fluctuation without notice.

Once a purchase has been approved by the Retailer, Airpoints Dollars will be posted as "Approved" via the transactions tab on the Airpoints Mall and transferred to the Airpoints Member's Airpoints account. The process of approving purchases and approving Airpoints Dollars is the sole responsibility of the retailer from whom a purchase is made.

If a purchase is cancelled or goods are returned to a retailer, the Airpoints Dollars allocated for the purchase will be cancelled. The Airpoints Dollars will then be removed from the member's Airpoints account. If the order was conducted in a currency other than New Zealand Dollars, the Airpoints Dollars earned on the approved purchase(s) will be recalculated based on the exchange rate of the day the points are loaded in to the member's Airpoints Account.

Air New Zealand and ICLP reserve the right to investigate any activity or use of the Airpoints Mall which may be in breach of these terms and conditions. Air New Zealand and ICLP also reserve the right to suspend an Airpoints Mall Account and suspend and or terminate an individuals' access to the Airpoints Mall if either Air New Zealand or ICLP suspects fraudulent or suspicious activity.

This website is protected by copyright. The software used on this Website is ICLP's exclusive property and ICLP retains all rights, title and interest in and to the software throughout the world, including any modifications to and improvements to it.

Air New Zealand's liability to you is limited as set out in the Air New Zealand Website and Mobile App Terms of Use.

ICLP will not be held responsible for:

  • any failure of this Website; or
  • any failure in the system of communication between you and ICLP, of whatever type or for whatever cause, which is beyond our reasonable control; or
  • unauthorised dealings of any kind.

Laws of New Zealand apply and these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law. You, Air New Zealand and ICLP consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand in connection with any legal action that may arise in relation to your use of the Airpoints Mall.

Air New Zealand and ICLP may make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time. When we make changes, we will update these terms and conditions on the Airpoints Mall website. We will also specify the date of the last update.