An Airpoints™ member can buy someone else a ticket using Airpoints Dollars™ as long as they can pay for the whole ticket with Airpoints Dollars.

Who can I gift my Airpoints Dollars™ to?

All Airpoints members can gift a reward (excluding companion tickets) to anyone living in the same household as them, even if they're not an Airpoints member. An exclusive benefit for Elite and Gold members is the ability to choose people outside their own household to gift rewards to. Elite members can choose up to 4 people and Gold up to 2 people.

It’s worth noting that Elite and Gold gifting nominations will remain valid until your next anniversary of reaching Elite or Gold status and cannot be changed during this time. At your anniversary date, you can either renew your nominees for the following year, or choose new people to gift to. All of this can be done by signing into your Air New Zealand account and viewing your gifting register under My Profile.

How do I gift Airpoints Dollars?

You must always gift a whole reward - in other words, you can't pay for part of a gift with Airpoints Dollars and the rest with cash. Simply follow the steps below:

  • First, set up a Member's Gifting Register. To do this, sign in to your online Air New Zealand account, and visit the Gifting Register under My Profile.
  • You can add to your Gifting Register anyone who lives at the same address as you. There's no fee for adding a household member if that person is already an Airpoints member. However, if they're not an Airpoints member, a service fee of Airpoints logo25 or NZ$25 per person will apply. Alternatively, make them an Airpoints member now by clicking “Join” in the top right hand corner of the Air New Zealand website - it’s free!
  • Once the member is on your gifting register simply proceed with making a booking online as per usual. Once you get through to the Enter Passenger Details page you will be able to select the member from the drop down box and book the ticket in their name.

Not enough Airpoints Dollars?

If you don’t have enough Airpoints Dollars to gift a complete reward perhaps consider setting up a Shairpoints account. Shairpoints is a great way for family and friends to share their Airpoints Dollars.