Earn Airpoints Dollars at over 3,000 Fly Buys outlets every time you shop. Whenever someone asks if you collect Fly Buys you can earn Airpoints Dollars by simply scanning your Airpoints card.

Fly Buys Points are automatically converted into Airpoints Dollars at a rate of 1 Airpoints Dollar for every 5.95 Fly Buys points earned. So whenever someone asks if you collect Fly Buys, it's a chance for you to earn Airpoints Dollars and watch them add up!

If any Fly Buys partner has a Bonus Fly Buys points promotion, you can get the bonus too. Double Fly Buys points? Double Airpoints Dollars earned! Find out about current offers here.

Important information for you to know:

  • Being an Airpoints member does not make you a Fly Buys member. You're still an Air New Zealand Airpoints™ member. Our partnership with Fly Buys simply means you can earn extra Airpoints Dollars when shopping with Fly Buys partners.
  • If you want to keep earning Fly Buys points you must keep and use your Fly Buys card. If you choose to use your Airpoints card at Fly Buys retailers, you will automatically earn Airpoints Dollars. If you choose to use your Fly Buys card at Fly Buys retailers, you will earn Fly Buys points.
  • You can earn Airpoints Dollars with your credit card and your Airpoints card. If you have an Airpoints credit card, you'll earn Airpoints Dollars as usual. These are on top of the Airpoints Dollars you could earn using your Airpoints card at a Fly Buys partner. So you could shop once but earn twice!
  • You can also earn Airpoints Dollars the easy way by linking the Fly Buys number on the back of your Airpoints card on gas/electricity, home loan, insurance or your mobile phone account with Fly Buys service partners. Show me how here.
  • To see how many Airpoints Dollars you’ve earned on purchases from a Fly Buys partner simply check your current Airpoints balance and activity at myairnz.
  • You cannot earn both Airpoints Dollars and Fly Buys points on the same transaction. You can choose to use your Airpoints card and automatically earn Airpoints Dollars from any Fly Buys retailer or choose to use your Fly Buys card to keep collecting Fly Buys Points.
  • You can transfer your current Fly Buys points to Airpoints Dollars if you have a GlobalPlus card. You'll need a minimum of 300 Fly Buys Points for the conversion, and thereafter in increments of 150, in the same transaction. You can convert your Fly Buys Points online or 0800 FLY BUYS (0800 359 2897), Mon - Fri, 8am - 6pm (excluding public holidays) to make the conversion - you must be the GlobalPlus cardholder and have your card ready when you call.
  • Airpoints Dollars cannot be converted to Fly Buys points. Your Airpoints Dollars can be used to purchase air travel and more with Airpoints Partners. View how to spend your Airpoints Dollars.
  • Minimum spend amounts may apply at Fly Buys retailers.