Thanks to our partnership with Fly Buys you can scan your Airpoints™ card at any store that Fly Buys is accepted and earn Airpoints Dollars™. Retailers include Z, New World, Mitre 10, Noel Leeming, Unichem and Contact Energy.

When you scan your Airpoints membership card at a Fly Buys Partner you’ll automatically earn Airpoints Dollars.

How does it work?

When paying for your purchase If you are asked "Do you have Fly Buys?" simply hand over your Airpoints membership card and you will earn Airpoints Dollars.
See a promotion for bonus Fly Buys Points You can earn bonus Airpoints Dollars where ever you see a bonus Fly Buys points offer. Current offers.
Earning Airpoints Dollars on your monthly bills Link your Airpoints number to your Contact Energy account and start earning Airpoints Dollars automatically every month.
Earn Airpoints Dollars faster Double dip! Pay with an Airpoints earning credit card at Fly Buys partners AND scan your Airpoints membership card to earn twice on one transaction.
What happens if you have both a Fly Buys and Airpoints account? You can earn on only one account. To earn Airpoints Dollars use your Airpoints membership card and to earn Fly Buys Points use your Fly Buys card.