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Earn Airpoints Dollars™ & save 6c per litre on fuel every day at Z.

Get instant fuel discounts with Pumped at Z, and earn Airpoints Dollars

As an Airpoints member, you'll get an instant 6c off per litre every time you fill up at Z, as well as earning Airpoints Dollars on fuel and selected qualifying purchases. 

Simply scan your Airpoints card in store or at the pump, or scan your digital Airpoints card (in the Air NZ mobile app) in store only, to make sure you are collecting all the Airpoints Dollars you can.

With service stations and truck stops across the country, you're never far from Z so you'll have plenty to choose from to keep you on the road. Find your nearest Z.

For more information, please see the Pumped at Z frequently asked questions.


1 Airpoint Dollar per 100 litres (or part thereof) of petrol or diesel

In-store purchases

1 Airpoint Dollar per $50 (or part thereof) on selected products (Z Espress coffee and hot drinks, 4-5 litre take home oil packs, SWAP'n'GO LPG bottles and refills, and Z2O car wash)

Earning Airpoints Dollars for your business with Z Card and Airpoints for Business

Airpoints for Business members can earn Airpoints Dollars on their business’s fuel for their Airpoints for Business account. Provide your Airpoints number when you sign up for a Z Card, or if you’re already a Z Card customer, add your Airpoints number to your Z Card account by calling 0800 474 355. The Airpoints Dollars will accrue directly into your Airpoints for Business account.

Z Card accounts

1 Airpoints Dollar for $200 (incl. GST) spent on fuel

Z Aviation Card accounts

1 Airpoints Dollar for 100 litres (or part thereof) at air stops

To find out more about earning Airpoints Dollars at Z, visit the Z website. Alternatively, to find your nearest Z station, visit our Airpoints partner map.

Earn Airpoints Dollars and keep your wheels moving with Mini-Tankers

Mini-Tankers is New Zealand’s largest on-site refueling operation, delivering diesel where you need it, when you need it from Cape Reinga to the Bluff. They help all sorts of people and businesses save time, save money and reduce risk by delivering fuel directly into machines, vehicles and tanks. Mini-Tankers also delivers a comprehensive range of oils, greases and other lubricants.

Link your Airpoints or Airpoints for Business number to your Mini-Tankers account, and fuel up your Airpoints Dollars™ balance automatically every month (when you pay by direct debit). See the table below to see how you can earn Airpoints Dollars with Mini-Tankers.


1 Airpoints Dollar for $200 (incl. GST) spent on fuel


1 Airpoints Dollar for every $100 (incl. GST) spent on packed products

To find out more about earning Airpoints Dollars with Mini-Tankers, visit minitankers.co.nz.

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