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Credit and refunds

Details on arranging a credit, using your credit and our refund policy.
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Keep updated with the latest travel alerts.
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Manage your flight booking

You can often make changes to your booking online. All you need is your six character booking reference ending in "H".

  • Check to see if your booking has been held in credit
  • View, change and cancel your bookings
  • Add an extra bag or two to your baggage allowance
  • Choose your seat
  • Order or change your special meal
  • Request a copy of your electronic ticket
  • Confirm your contact details so we can keep you updated

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You can now ask Oscar to check the balance of most credits

Just ask "What is my credit balance?" and he will do his best to retrieve it for you. You will need your booking reference and the last name on the booking.

You can also ask Oscar to:

  • "Resend my booking confirmation"
  • "Confirm my seat selection"
  • "Confirm my special meal"
  • "Confirm my baggage allowance"
  • "Check my Airpoints™ balance"
  • "Order a replacement Airpoints card"
  • "Confirm my special assistance"
  • "Reset my password"

And there's plenty of more ways he can help.

Pro-tip: For the best Oscar experience, sign in to the website first. 

Other contact options

Some of our most common help requests