Given its size, history, cultures and range of climates, travel through Asia can offer more diversity and intrigue than any other region.
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  • Just eight hours from New Zealand lies a tropical island of 4 million people that’s unlike anywhere else on earth. 
    Explore Bali
  • If there’s a city guaranteed to electrify your spirit, it’s Ho Chi Minh City. 
    Explore Ho Chi Minh City
  • Get ready for sensory overload. Hong Kong is full-on, 3D, 24/7 action. 
    Explore Hong Kong
  • Enjoy the contrasting commercial and cultural attractions that Osaka has to offer. 
    Explore Osaka
  • Discover the tastes, sights, and history of China's largest city. 
    Explore Shanghai
  • Take a trip to the tropical hub of Southeast Asia. 
    Explore Singapore
  • Where tradition meets the future. 
    Explore Tokyo
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