Manage your rental car booking

Our rental car partners Avis, Budget and Apex, provide full flexibility on all bookings made through Air New Zealand.

You can cancel your booking free-of-charge if you no longer wish to travel, or change your travel dates and times. Please keep in mind that any rate difference will still apply and the changes need to be made prior to the commencement date of your rental.

Bookings paid for with Airpoints Dollars™

If you need to modify your dates, times or locations you will need to cancel your existing reservation and create a new booking. You will receive a refund to your Airpoints™ account (please allow up to two business weeks for processing). If you require immediate assistance, please call us at 0800 737 000.

To confirm that your booking has been paid for in Airpoints Dollars please refer to your booking confirmation email where your total will be denoted with the Airpoints glyph A. Airpoints Dollars bookings are paid for at the time of booking and this value will also be displayed on your Airpoints membership account statement.

All other rental car bookings made through Air New Zealand

All non-Airpoints Dollars bookings are payable by credit card directly to our car rental partners at the counter. Apex is charged at vehicle collection, while Avis and Budget are billed after travel completion to the provided card. Any cancellations or amendments to your booking can be made online.

If your booking is payable at the counter the total indicated on your booking confirmation email will be indicated in the local currency of the country of travel (i.e. New Zealand bookings will be denoted in NZD, Australian bookings will be denoted in AUD, etc). This includes all rental car bookings made on the "Extras" page when booking a flight.