Guaranteed same rates as Avis, Budget & Apex

Ensuring that Air New Zealand customers get a great deal is important to us, and we work closely with our partners Avis, Budget and Apex to deliver with the exact same rates – with no mark-up – that you find on their own websites. That's our Price Match Guarantee.

If you do find a lower price on the Avis, Budget or Apex websites we'll match the rate and we'll provide you with a complimentary upgrade. To qualify, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Make your reservation on the Air New Zealand website.
  2. Ensure that the bookings made on Air NZ's site and the supplier site are identical:
    1. Car group
    2. Dates
    3. Pick-up and Drop-off Times
    4. Location(s)
    5. Inclusions
    6. Supplier (Avis, Budget or Apex)
    7. For non-NZ rentals the currency selected must be local (i.e. AUD for Australian rentals, USD for rentals in the United States, etc)
    8. Terms of payment.
  3. Take a screen shot of the supplier website with all of these booking details, including price, clearly visible. The rates displayed must be able to be reproduced with the criteria provided.
  4. The Price Match guarantee only applies to regular rates available to the general public via the New Zealand and Australia websites of Avis, Budget and Apex. It excludes any supplier pre-paid discounts, corporate rates, travel industry/net/non-discountable and/or package rates.

To claim the Price Match guarantee, please email the Air NZ made reservation plus screenshots as outlined above to, within 24 hours of making the reservation and a representative from Avis Budget Group (the parent company of Avis, Budget and Apex) will respond to you.