Our Voluntary Emissions Contribution Programme

Find out more about our Voluntary Emissions Contribution Programme.

He waka eke noa - we are all on this journey together.

Air travel connects loved ones, economies and cultures. But it also creates harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

When you book your flight our Voluntary Emissions Contribution Programme (Contribution Programme) helps you to calculate your share of your flight's emissions and match those emissions with carbon credits purchased from certified international projects. At the same time, the Contribution Programme also provides funding to projects that support biodiversity outcomes in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The purchase and retirement of carbon credits will not eliminate or mitigate the emissions generated from your flight. When a carbon credit is retired (or 'cancelled' in some registries) it is permanently removed from circulation and cannot be used again by another buyer.

Contribute to certified international projects

Carbon credits sourced from certified projects can help support local communities and enable investment in projects designed to protect and enhance natural sinks of carbon. We've partnered with CHOOOSE to source and purchase real, measurable and verified carbon credits on your behalf from certified international projects. Once matched, your carbon credits will be retired in the appropriate registry. This removes them from circulation permanently.  For more information on CHOOOSE, including the terms and conditions attaching to its service, see here.

Directly support Aotearoa's biodiversity outcomes

Aotearoa's biodiversity is in crisis and funding is required to accelerate native afforestation, restoration and preservation. In addition to purchasing and retiring carbon credits, half of your Voluntary Emissions Contribution will directly support projects that increase, protect and restore Aotearoa's unique and precious biodiversity.

We have partnered with Trees That Count to put your biodiversity contribution to good use through funding for native trees to projects around Aotearoa, amplifying the efforts of planting groups and supporting the restoration, regeneration and protection of Aotearoa's native biodiversity.

Voluntary emissions reporting for business travel

Air New Zealand has a programme that helps you understand the emissions generated by your organisation's travel on Air New Zealand services. Please contact your account manager for more information.

Emissions certification

Toitū Envirocare has certified the air travel emissions data for carbon reporting provided to business customers for use under ISO 14064-1:2018.

From July 19 2023, contributions purchased for retail passengers are certified for use under ISO14064-1:2006 through CHOOOSE.

Air New Zealand does not make any money from the Voluntary Emissions Contribution Programme

Air New Zealand makes no money or margin from the operation of the Contribution Programme. Air New Zealand does not use the Contribution Programme to meet any of its compliance obligations.

The Voluntary Emissions Contribution Programme operates separately from the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS)

Funds received from customers for the Contribution Programme  do not go towards Air New Zealand's compliance costs under the NZ ETS. Air New Zealand manages its NZ ETS and other compliance obligations at its own cost.