Taxis FAQs

My flight arrival time has changed by a few hours due to rescheduling, but the flight number is the same, how will my transfer know??

How do I contact my transfer supplier?

How much does it cost to cancel my booking?

How are suggested pick up and drop off times calculated?

What is the minimum booking time?

Why is my address displaying an 'no address' error message?

Where do I meet my transfer provider?

Is a meet and greet included in all transfer bookings?

How is my fare calculated?

Can I request a child seat?

I have booked a point to point transfer; how will I be notified that my taxi has arrived?

How long does it take to process my refund?

How long will my taxi wait for me?

My taxi account no longer works?

I did not receive a booking confirmation/GST receipt how can I get it resent to me?

How many bags can fit into my transfer vehicle?

How do I arrange oversized or additional luggage with the Transport Provider?

How do I claim missing Airpoints?

What are my options when I can't find my Travel Provider on arrival?

What will I see on my credit card statement?

What if my travel dates or flight number change due to rescheduling?