Where to next for our threatened species?

Helping our precious passengers take flight.

Air New Zealand and the Department of Conservation (DOC) share a vision for New Zealand as a place where our natural habitat is thriving and that all New Zealanders benefit from a healthy environment.

As DOC’s national partner for conservation, one of the important ways in which Air New Zealand provides support is through the transportation of some of New Zealand’s most endangered species, and the conservation dogs that work to protect them, around the country.

We fly a range of endangered species including birds, reptiles and invertebrates and, whether they’re flying for genetic and population management, to see a vet for an illness, or to establish new populations at safe breeding sites, they’re well cared for.

To date, Air New Zealand has transported more than 3,000 endangered wildlife passengers and conservation dogs since the partnership began in 2012.

We've transported over: 180 Takahē, 1,000 Pateke, 500 native reptiles, 300 Kiwi, and 230 conservation dogs to name a few.

Takahē translocation

Watch the story behind how we chartered a flight for 18 Takahē to take them to their new home – the first time a wild population of Takahē have been on main New Zealand in over 100 years.