COVID-19: One-way Safe Travel Zone from Auckland to Brisbane

To continue carrying our customers safely and to identify anyone whose travel originates outside New Zealand, we will now operate both quarantine-free and quarantine flights to Queensland.

See below for important travel requirements, along with our Auckland to Brisbane schedule.

Australian Travel Declaration

All travellers (on both quarantine and quarantine-free flights) must complete an Australian Travel Declaration at least 72 hours before departure, confirming you have been in New Zealand the preceding 14 days. Once complete, you will receive an email to present (either electronically or printed) at both check-in and arrival in Australia.

A health screening will also take place upon your arrival in Australia.

Queensland International Arrivals Registration

Customers travelling on quarantine flights from Auckland to Brisbane must also complete a Queensland International Arrivals Registration at least 72 hours prior to their departure.

Travelling Interstate

Should you plan to travel interstate beyond Queensland, you will need to ensure you have checked state and territory travel restrictions and have the appropriate exemptions and/or approvals to travel, as these continue to change.

Due to Australian State restrictions, fares beyond Brisbane to destinations within Australia will not be available to book via our website or contact centre.

Safe Travel Zone

We also ask that our customers keep in mind that the Safe Travel Zone is a one-way arrangement. Those returning to New Zealand will still need to quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival in Auckland, provide payment for quarantine and must register their managed isolation accommodation requirements via the New Zealand Government’s Managed Isolation and Quarantine website.

Our Auckland to Brisbane schedule, from 7 January until further notice, will be as follows: