Air New Zealand services to be operated by a Boeing 777-200 lease aircraft

Air New Zealand has entered into a lease agreement with Boeing Group for two Boeing 777-200 aircraft, in order to maintain our schedule and continue to get our customers to their destinations.

These lease aircraft will operate selected routes by Air New Zealand pilots and cabin crew who will provide the friendly Kiwi service our customers are familiar with worldwide.

If your flight is operated by one of these aircraft, you will be contacted directly by Air New Zealand, via the contact information provided in your booking, or the travel agent you booked through.

Aircraft seating configuration

Seating Configuration

: 26 seats

Premium Economy

Seating Configuration

: No Premium Economy Cabin


Seating Configuration

: 245 seats

Who are the crew operating the aircraft?
Air New Zealand pilots and cabin crew will be operating these aircraft.

Are these aircraft safe?
Air New Zealand takes the safety of our customers, our people and our aircraft extremely seriously, whether travelling on our own operated aircraft or that of any other carrier that we have a partnership with. We have leased these 777-200 aircraft from Boeing Group, a well-known, respectable leasing company and our Operational Integrity and Engineering teams have been involved in sourcing the aircraft right through to its entry into service.

I pre-booked and paid for a seat, is that still guaranteed?
This aircraft has different cabin and seating configurations to Air New Zealand’s fleet. We will endeavour to provide a like-for-like seat where possible (including exit row, aisle and window seats). However where this isn’t available, customers will be eligible for a refund of their Seat Select charge.

I booked the Economy Skycouch - will that still be available?
The Economy Skycouch is a product unique to Air New Zealand so unfortunately, this product will not be available on these lease aircraft. Customers who have booked the Economy Skycouch will be eligible for a refund of the Skycouch component of their fare.

Why can't I Seat Select on these flights?
Seat Select online is temporarily unavailable while we work through re-accommodating existing customer seating requests across to the new aircraft. If you need assistance with this, your original booking agent can assist.

What are the food and beverage offerings?
Customers in all cabins can expect the same high-quality meal.

We are able to provide our full selection of special meals on these aircraft. Customers are, however, welcome to bring their own food on board if our options don't meet their specific dietary needs.

Unfortunately, on Seats to Suit services our buy on board offering 'Inflight Bites' won’t be available for Seat and Seat+Bag customers. This means alcohol and soft drinks will not be available for purchase. In addition, customers are unable to consume their own alcohol on board. Complimentary light snacks will be available however, and customers are also welcome to bring their own food on board.

Is there inflight entertainment on board?
There is seat-back entertainment on board for all customers, with a wide range of viewing options available (91 channels), however please note, the system will differ from what is offered on Air New Zealand aircraft (for instance it is operated by a remote rather than a touch screen).

We will have a guide in the seat pocket so customers can see what titles are playing on each channel. Please note, while there is in-seat power in the Business Class cabin, there are no USB ports or other charging facilities available on this aircraft.

I know nothing about this, why was I not told this at time of booking?
We were planning to operate this service with a Boeing 787-9 aircraft – however, unscheduled maintenance requirements for some of the Trent 1000 engines fitted to our 787-9 Dreamliner fleet has unfortunately meant this is not possible.

In order to maintain our schedule and minimise disruption to our customers, we have leased two Boeing 777-200 aircraft from Boeing Group. We have reached out to all customers who we have contact information for in their booking with as much notice as possible.

I don't want to travel on this aircraft so what are my options?
While our crew on board will ensure an Air New Zealand experience, you do have the option to rebook to another Air New Zealand service if available. Please contact your original booking agent and they will be able to discuss alternative options with you.