Frequently asked questions

Where can I use my card?

UATP is accepted by over 260 Airlines and travel service providers worldwide as a form of payment for air travel and other land based services such as rail in the US and Europe.

For a list of registered merchants that accept UATP please visit:

I want to make changes to my account details - who do I contact?

To update your account details please email

Please use this email address for all changes including:

  • Amending your Company or Trading name
  • Updating contact details including your address and email
  • Request a text file statement
  • Request a new department or personal Travelcard for your existing account
  • Cancel a card on your existing Travelcard account
  • To request a credit limit review

How do I request a new credit limit?

To request a limit change please complete this form and submit to:

How do I use my Travelcard via your online booking tool?

Select the UATP symbol as your form of payment and complete the fields as requested.

How do I pay my Travelcard account?

Air New Zealand’s preferred settlement method is direct debit. Direct debit is a quick and convenient way of paying your bill on its due date

Direct debit has the following benefits:

  • No fees related to making the payment to Air New Zealand
  • Safe way to ensure that your payment makes it to Air New Zealand without delay or the risk of it being lost on the way

Travelcard direct debits are taken from your specified bank account on the 20th of the month for the prior month's spend.

The direct debit form is available here.

If paying by direct credit - payments must include your five digit Travelcard account number and should be accompanied by a detailed remittance that outlines the ticket transactions paid. Please send remittances to:

Note: If the full statement balance is paid a detailed remittance is not required.

Please make direct credit payments to Air New Zealand’s BNZ bank account: 02-0100-0587283-05

To discuss alternative payment methods please contact us on 0800 737 020.

I purchased some tickets in another currency - how do I pay for them?

If you have purchased tickets in multiple currencies you will receive one deduction per transaction currency from your month end statement; each deduction will match the NZD value of those transactions on your statement. The total of the sum of these payments will match the total NZD value of your statement.

When and how do I receive my Travelcard invoice/statement?

Air New Zealand provides your Travelcard invoice/statements in PDF at the end of each month. The PDF statement is emailed to your account's nominated email recipient(s) within 3 working days after the statement has been generated.

The Travelcard PDF statement is in ‘Open Item’ format. The open item format will list all outstanding transactions.

Your spend data can also be provided as a text file to enable you to load your text statement directly into your financial system.

The text file statement can be converted into CSV, Excel or wordpad format enabling you to manipulate and load it directly into your system.

The text file only contains newly reported items. The text file is emailed on the first working day after the statements have been generated.

View details on how to convert your statement to Excel here.

Key items on your PDF statement

Items previously reported

All items from a previous statement that have a balance outstanding will be recorded on your current tax invoice / statement as ‘previously reported’. Any item that has become overdue will be bolded.


Refunds will appear as a separate transaction to the original sale. All refunds will be indicated by an ‘R’ following the ticket reference and will state in the transaction details that it is a refund. The value of the refund will reduce the closing balance on your current statement not the statement when the original sale was made.


For an unallocated payment the full credit payment value will be displayed in the balance outstanding column. This will be displayed with a reference of ‘On Account’. For a fully allocated payment the balance outstanding column will be zero. For a partially allocated payment the balance outstanding column on the payment will be displayed as the residual amount.

Air New Zealand Travelcard contacts & feedback

Air New Zealand is constantly looking to improve our service to our customers in all areas of our business.

If you have suggestions/feedback, or queries regarding your account please contact