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Recognition Upgrades

If you are a Gold member you will receive 2 Recognition Upgrades per membership year that can be confirmed up to 6 days prior to the scheduled flight time after Elite Recognition Upgrades are confirmed.

Recognition Upgrades allow you to request a one-class, one-sector upgrade to use in your membership year as part of your tier benefits.  To improve your chances of having your upgrade confirmed it’s best to request a Recognition Upgrade at the time you book or at least 7 days before your flight as this allows us to fully assess your request prior to departure and before OneUp upgrades are considered.

Recognition Upgrades are subject to limited upgrade class availability and the availability of unsold seats (some seats are held for commercial sale right up to the point of departure). They may only be used on Air New Zealand ticketed and operated flights.

High load factors may prevent us from confirming Recognition Upgrades in advance of travel. If this is the case Elite, Gold and Silver upgrade requests will be prioritised for any remaining seats on these flights at the airport by order of tier status.

A Member's Recognition Upgrades are valid for the 12 month period from their qualification or requalification date into the applicable Tier Status. If during that time the Member upgrades to a higher Tier Status, any unused Recognition Upgrades for the lower Tier Status will automatically expire on the date that the higher Tier Status becomes effective.

You can easily see how many Recognition Upgrades you have available and request to use them by signing in to your Air New Zealand account.

OneUp Upgrades

As a special thank you to our Gold members we will upweight your OneUp upgrade offers by 30%.

OneUp™ is Air New Zealand’s upgrade offer system that gives people travelling on Air New Zealand the opportunity to move up one cabin class when travelling internationally.  Offers can be made in Airpoints Dollars™ or cash.  

OneUp upgrade requests are easy to make - you simply decide what you want to offer for the upgrade and submit your offer through My Bookings once you sign into your Air New Zealand account.

Lounge Privileges

Gold members receive full lounge access privileges for their tier membership year in all Air New Zealand and Star Alliance lounges.  

In addition Gold members may bring 1 guest (subject to space) into all Air New Zealand lounges (excluding Koru Express and some Partner lounges) and Star Alliance lounges worldwide when travelling on eligible flights.  It is important to note that Star Alliance lounge access regulations stipulate that any travellers, including children over 2 years old will be included as part of the member’s guest allowance.
Air New Zealand has lounges located throughout New Zealand and at many of our international destinations that may be used prior to the departure of your eligible Air New Zealand, Star Alliance or Partner flight. Access to these lounges requires the presentation of your Airpoints membership card and same-day eligible flight boarding pass.  Further information about all lounges is available below:

Please note:

  • Air New Zealand now utilise the Star Alliance Lounge at Tom Bradley International Terminal, Los Angeles. Information on connecting or transiting through Tom Bradley International Terminal may be found here.
  • Many of our Partner Airlines offer lounge access at both international and domestic locations. As partnerships differ so to do lounge access benefits, please check our Partner Airline pages before travel to familiarise yourself with your access benefits.


Baggage allowance - Domestic

When traveling domestically in New Zealand Gold members can take an additional bag, up to 23kgs, at no extra charge when purchasing a Seat+Bag, Flexi Time or Flexi Plus fare. Our normal baggage allowance domestically is one bag for Seat+Bag and Flexi Time fares and two bags for Flexi Plus fares (each up to 23kgs).

Please note: additional allowance does not apply to the grabaseat 'seat only' product.

Baggage allowance - Short Haul and International 

When traveling internationally Gold members can take an extra bag up to 23kg at no extra charge, up to a maximum of three bags. Our normal baggage allowance internationally is one bag Economy, two bags Premium Economy and three bags Business.

For tickets purchased on or after 27 April 2016, passengers travelling in Economy class, departing from Australia or New Zealand on an Air New Zealand ticketed and operated flight, with an Air New Zealand flight number to Honolulu, Singapore, or China (including transit journeys via Hong Kong) or vice versa have a standard checked baggage allowance of 2 pieces, with each bag weighing no more than 23kgs. Gold members can take an extra bag up to 23kgs at no extra charge providing a maximum allowance of 3 checked bags when flying in Economy class.

Please note: additional allowance does not apply to the 'Seat only' product.

Cabin baggage allowance - Domestic and International

Gold members can take two pieces of cabin baggage, regardless of cabin class as long as travel is on an Air New Zealand flight.

Baggage may weigh a maximum combined total of 14kgs, with one of those items weighing up to 10kgs. Each bag or item needs to be under 115cm in size (length+height+width).   For flights to, from, and through the USA and/or the UK, only one piece of cabin baggage is permitted. Again, that bag or item needs to be under 115cm and less than 7kg.

Fast Bag

As a Gold member you can use our Fast Bag service on regional flights within New Zealand.  

Fast Bag is available for single sector or point to point regional domestic flights - meaning you can take your bag (weighing no more than 15kg) right to the aircraft door and collect it at the time you disembark making regional flying a breeze.  

Simply leave it on the trolley that will located near the aircraft door and it will be waiting at the bottom of the aircraft door when you get off.

Complimentary Frequent Flyer Seating

Gold members can request Frequent Flyer seating with any eligible fare they purchase with any fare type on trans-Tasman and Pacific Island flights.

You'll find reserved Frequent Flyer Seating towards the front of our cabins on most Air New Zealand flights.  To access Frequent Flyer Seating just remember to enter your Airpoints number when you make your booking.  You can easily request this reserved seating if available, via Seat Select when making a booking online, through My Bookings when you sign in to your Air New Zealand account or by calling the Air New Zealand Contact Centre.

Priority check-in

Gold members can check-in at the Premium counter when travelling on an Air New Zealand ticketed or operated flight, regardless of the class of travel. When travelling on a flight operated by a Star Alliance airline you are entitled to check-in at the Star Alliance Gold designated counter.

Priority Boarding

As a Gold member, regardless of your class of travel, once boarding commences you can board at your leisure on Air New Zealand and most Star Alliance flights.

Priority Baggage Claim

As a Gold member, where possible, you will be amongst the first to collect your baggage off each Air New Zealand-operated flight and most Star Alliance airline operated flights.

Priority Airport Standby

When Gold members are at the airport and wish to travel on an alternative flight you will be given priority standby after Elite standby seat requests have been taken into consideration.

Simply talk to check-in staff at your airport of departure or call our Air New Zealand Contact Centre to request a Priority Airport Standby.  

Standbys are not available in conjunction with certain fare types such as various booking classes, reward tickets or grabaseat™. Additional airfare difference costs, applicable penalties and service fees may apply.

Priority Wait-Listing

If the flight you want is full Gold members can be priority wait-listed in the chance a seat becomes available.  Your wait-list request will be taken into consideration after Elite wait-list requests have been fulfilled.  

Priority wait-listing must be requested through your booking agent or if you have booked online simply call our Air New Zealand Contact Centre. This service is available on Air New Zealand and Star Alliance-operated flights. Wait-listing is not available in conjunction with reward tickets and is not available on all fare types.

No Airpoints Dollars Expiry

Your Airpoints Dollars will not expire while you retain Gold status.

Should you move below Gold status, you will have until your next anniversary of joining to use any Airpoints Dollars that were otherwise due to expire.  If your next anniversary falls within two months of you moving below Gold status you will have a full two months to utilise these Airpoints Dollars.

Gift Recipients

Gold members are able to nominate 2 additional people, who don’t have to live in the same house as the member, to their gifting register.  

In addition to being able to nominate those who live in the same house as you to your gifting register, Gold members have an exclusive opportunity to gift rewards to 2 nominated friends or family members each year that do not live in the same house as the member.

To register your household and non-household giftees sign in to your Air New Zealand account and choose Gifting Register under My Profile.

Hotel/rental car voucher

As a Gold member you will receive a voucher that entitles you to a complimentary, one room category, hotel upgrade or complimentary, one car type, rental car upgrade at participating locations in New Zealand and Australia.

It is important to note that Hotel upgrade requests will only be accepted at time of check-in, not earlier. However, rental car upgrade requests should be made at the time of booking but will only be confirmed at time of pick-up. Hotel and rental car upgrades are valid for up to three consecutive days but can only be redeemed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Upgrades on any other day will be at the cost of the member. All upgrades are subject to availability and the vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Hotel and rental car partners are subject to change at any time.

Discounted Business Class Award Fares

A special allocation of discounted Long Haul Business Class fares are available in limited quantities to Gold members.