Stock up your workplace and earn Airpoints Dollars™ for your business with Gilmours.

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, Gilmours is a business to business food service wholesaler who supplies thousands of businesses, offices, restaurants, cafés, event centres and other hospitality outlets throughout New Zealand.

Gilmours and Airpoints™ for Business have teamed up to help your business get off the ground sooner.

How to earn Airpoints Dollars™ for your business with Gilmours

North Island Airpoints for Business members can earn Airpoints Dollars for their business when stocking up their workplace with Gilmours. Members can earn 0.185 Airpoints Dollars cumulatively for every $50, excluding GST, spent at Gilmours (so when you spend $300, you'll earn 1.11 Airpoints Dollars). Cumulative earn means that Gilmours will keep track of the amount you spend and anything under $50 will be allocated towards your next purchase (within 12 months), this will help you top up your Airpoints Dollar balance*.

For new Gilmours customers:

  • Provide your personal Airpoints number when registering for a Gilmours account and Airpoints Dollars will automatically be added to your Airpoints for Business account (if you're an Airpoints for Business member). Sign up to become a Gilmours account holder.

For existing Gilmours account holders:

  • Update your Gilmours account details by completing this form and providing your personal Airpoints number. Airpoints Dollas will automatically be added into your Airpoints for Business account (if you're am Airpoints for Business member).

To find out more about earning Airpoints Dollars at Gilmours, visit the Gilmours website. Alternatively, to find your nearest store, visit our Airpoints partner map.