New World

Earn Airpoints Dollars™ by the trolley.

100% Kiwi owned and operated, New World offers you a warm welcome and convenient supermarket shopping - all under one roof. You can get rewarded with Airpoints Dollars™ when you shop instore at any New World across New Zealand by scanning your Airpoints™ card, your digital Airpoints card in the Air NZ mobile app or your New World Clubcard.

Earning Airpoints Dollars™ with New World

You’ll earn 0.185 Airpoints Dollars for every $25 qualifying spend at New World*. Spend $150 and you’ll earn 1.11 Airpoints Dollars*. Simply scan your card to be rewarded with your shop and you’ll get off the ground in no time.

Eligible cards that earn Airpoints Dollars at New World

To earn Airpoints Dollars at New World, scan your Airpoints card, your digital Airpoints card, or New World Clubcard. If you would like to be rewarded with Airpoints Dollars when using your Clubcard, you must hold the Airpoints version of the Clubcard.

How do I know if my New World Clubcard earns me Airpoints Dollars?

Not all Clubcards will earn you Airpoints Dollars. The easiest way to check if it does is to look at your Clubcard to see if it has the Airpoints logo in the top right corner.

If you don’t have a Clubcard at all, and want a Clubcard that earns Airpoints Dollars, sign up online or call the Clubcard team on 0800 80 70 70.

If you have a Clubcard that doesn’t have an Airpoints logo on it, and want to earn Airpoints Dollars, call the Clubcard team on 0800 80 70 70.

Does my New World Clubcard replace my Airpoints Card?

No. You’ll still need to use your Airpoints card to earn Airpoints Dollars at other Airpoints partners, check in at the airport and to manage your Onesmart account. When shopping instore at any New World supermarket throughout New Zealand, your Clubcard or Airpoints card can be used to earn Airpoints Dollars, however, Clubcard holders will receive instant discounts and exclusive Club deals.

Can I use my New World Clubcard to earn Airpoints Dollars anywhere else?

Your Clubcard can be used at Henry’s, Liquorland and Trents. However, you must use your Airpoints card at all other Airpoints partners, otherwise no Airpoints Dollars will be earned if you try to use your Clubcard.

To find out more about earning Airpoints Dollars at New World, visit the New World website. Alternatively, to find your nearest store, visit our Airpoints partner map.