Compassionate fares

Our compassionate fares help you be with your family after an unexpected medical emergency or a bereavement.

Booking a flight with a compassionate fare

Who qualifies for new flight bookings with compassionate fares?

You can apply for a compassionate fare if an immediate family member:

  • Passes away
  • Has an unexpected and critical medical condition

When and where can I fly?

We only offer compassionate fares for flights within New Zealand.

  • You must book and fly within 48 hours of a family member's medical crisis
  • You must book and fly within seven days of a family bereavement
  • If you need to change flights with another airline, please check with them

How much do compassionate fares cost?

Our compassionate fares are $169 one way for a single sector. If you need to fly two or more sectors, the cost is $249 one way. For instance, if you travel from Auckland to Wellington, that is one sector; if you travel from Auckland to Wellington and on to Queenstown, that is two sectors.

You might find Air New Zealand flights online for a lower fare. Please check your flight options online and see if you could fly for less. 

Can I apply for a compassionate fare when all the flights are booked out?

We'll do our best to get you on the flight you need.

If you're eligible for a compassionate fare, we can talk about this when you make your booking. Apply for a compassionate fare.

Changing existing flight bookings

Can I change my flight booking to be with my family instead?

We may be able to help if you have an existing booking. You have a few options.

  • You can cancel your booking. If your ticket is isn't refundable, we'll give you a credit for your booking. You can use it within 12 months of your original purchase
  • You can change your booking, and fly to a different destination on a different date
  • If your new flight costs more than your current booking, you will need to pay the difference. We won't charge any fare change penalties or service fees

These options are available if your situation is eligible for compassionate fares.

Can I change my return flight if I'm already travelling?

If you need to fly home to be with your family, you can bring your return flight forward. We won't charge penalties or service fees.

If you need to fly elsewhere you'll need to pay any fare difference. There may also be extra taxes and levies. Change my flight.

Requesting a compassionate fare refund

Can I get a refund if I've already booked a full-price ticket?

If you booked a ticket and paid full fare, the compassionate fare may have been cheaper. If that's the case, you can request a partial refund.

We'll refund the difference between the compassionate fare and your booked fare. Apply for a refund.

Please note your booking will not be cancelled if you are requesting a partial refund (unless you have specifically requested this).

Our compassionate fares policy

What sort of issues qualify for compassionate fares?

Who is "immediate family" when it comes to compassionate fares?

What qualifies as a medical crisis?

Do I need to provide proof of my situation?

What if I don't qualify?