Compassionate fares

We're sorry to hear you're faced with an emergency or bereavement of a family member. We understand you may need to make travel plans at short notice and we're here to help you.

We offer compassionate fares for New Zealand domestic travel or flexibility if you have already booked on Air New Zealand services.

It's easy to find out if you're eligible for a compassionate fare, booking flexibility or refund for your New Zealand domestic flight. You can check the eligibility for each family member who is needing assistance.

COVID-19 compassionate refund policy

You can request a COVID-19 compassionate refund if one of the following applies:

  • You can no longer travel due to ill health on advice from your doctor. For example, a pre-existing medical condition which means you can't utilise a credit as your doctor has advised you not to fly over the next 12 months (supporting documentation may be required)
  • You are suffering financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. For example, loss of employment (supporting documentation may be required)

If you meet this criteria, call us on 0800 747 800 between 8:00am and 7:00pm NZT Monday - Friday to request for a COVID-19 compassionate refund. If calling from outside New Zealand, please call +6493030117

If you do not meet this criteria, you can place your booking in credit. Flexibility is also in place offering changes free of charge through manage booking. For the latest information, please visit our travel alerts page

Compassionate travel policy

We're here to help. Compassionate fares can take you around New Zealand. Compassionate flexibility lets you change existing bookings on Air New Zealand services. We do also ask that you keep in mind that only Air New Zealand ticketed (starting with 086) and operated flights are eligible for compassionate consideration.

How to apply for a compassionate fare

If you have not yet booked a fare, please check online first. When booking at short notice often our best fares have sold out. When this happens, we can offer dedicated compassionate fares for domestic travel for $169 for a single sector journey or $249 for two or more sectors per one way journey. Apply for a compassionate fare.

If you have already flown, apply for a compassionate refund. We will refund you the fare difference between what you paid and our compassionate fares, which are $169 for a single sector journey or $249 for two or more sectors per one way journey.

To fly on compassionate grounds, you'll need to be planning to travel within 48 hours of a critical medical situation or within seven days of booking for bereavement.

Do I need to provide documentation?

You may need to provide documentation upon request. We appreciate that this may well be a difficult time for you and providing paperwork might be the last thing on your mind. Our team will discuss this with you at the time of booking.

The following are acceptable forms of documentation:

Bereavement documentation

  • Funeral Directors letter
  • Death certificate (please note that this is not usually issued/available immediately or prior to travel)
  • Letter from the attending doctor
  • Death Notice from newspaper

Unexpected critical medical situations documentation

  • Letter from the attending doctor or hospital

Who is considered immediate family

For compassionate travel, family of the person in emergency/bereaved includes:

  • Spouse (including de facto partner)
  • Child (including step, grand, great grand, in-law)
  • Parent (including step, grand, great grand, in-law)
  • Brother/sister (including step, in-law)
  • Aunt/uncle/niece/nephew

How does compassionate flexibility work?

If you hold an existing ticket and can no longer travel as planned, you can either:

  • Cancel your booking with the value of the fare held in credit for up to 12 months from the original ticket purchase date
  • Apply the value of your existing ticket towards a compassionate fare
  • Get a refund of your ticket if fare rules allow

You will need to pay any fare differences upon rebooking however we will waive the fare change penalty and applicable service fee.

If you've started your travel and now need to change your plans, you can:

  • Change existing travel without penalty or service fees when travelling in the same cabin class and where the journey remains the same. If the journey changes, any fare differences, taxes and or levies will apply

What if I'm not covered by the compassionate policy?

While we aim to help our customers in difficult times, not every situation will be covered by our compassionate policy. We recommend you look for our best available fares online. Alternatively, our contact centre team can assist with your travel options however please note that service fees will apply.