Company profile

We believe Air New Zealand's success is inextricably linked to the success of New Zealand and this mission is what drives us every day.

Air New Zealand operates a global network of passenger and cargo services to, from and within New Zealand. Pre-COVID-19, the airline carried more than 17 million passengers a year and operated around 3,400 flights each week.

Air New Zealand's purpose is to 'Enrich our country by connecting New Zealanders to each other and New Zealand to the world'. 

The symbol that appears on the tail of our aircraft is known across te ao Māori as the Mangōpare or the hammerhead shark. The famous characteristics of the Mangōpare are strength, tenacity, and resilience. The symbol has also been referred to as the koru because of the two spiral shapes representing new life, renewal, and hope for the future.

Our competitive advantages provide us with a simple and proven strategy for success

Resilient core domestic business

Our domestic network is unmatched, offering services to 20 main centres and regions across New Zealand. Our strong corporate brand and renowned Kiwi service culture continue to drive increased loyalty from our customers, strong brand health and employee engagement. Investments in larger and modern aircraft and lounges support continued demand for domestic travel.

Pacific Rim focused international network

Our alliance-driven international network underpins our Pacific Rim strategy. With our revenue-share alliance partnerships, Air New Zealand benefits from strong relationships with market leaders in some of our key international markets, including the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Airpoints™ loyalty programme

Our Airpoints programme is viewed as the most valuable loyalty programme in New Zealand. Providing our members with the world's easiest and most transparent loyalty currency, Airpoints Dollars™ has driven strong membership growth. With approximately 3.5 million members, Airpoints also provides Air New Zealand with valuable data that allows us to better understand our customers and their travel experiences.

Focused on sustainable cost improvements

Our simplified and modern fleet has an average seat weighted age of 7.11 years and is contributing significant operational efficiencies to the airline. Our fleet consists of modern fuel-efficient aircraft, across fewer aircraft types, which provides the airline with a competitive cost structure.

Investment-grade financial strength

Air New Zealand has a proven history of achieving profitability through the cycle. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, which has had a devastating impact on the airline industry, Air New Zealand had delivered positive earnings since 2003 and paid dividends to our shareholders every year since 2005. Underpinning our ability to generate strong returns is a focus on capital allocation discipline. Air New Zealand has a credit rating of Baa2 from Moody's with stable outlook, placing us amongst the top echelon of airlines in the world.