Adventure and discovery in Queensland

The peaks reach higher, the coastline stretches out for longer and the wildlife is always intriguing.

What's more, the weather is famously pleasant at any time of the year. Queensland is an epic state with endless possibilities for intrepid activities. Make sure you pack your camera and sense of adventure, then get ready for an unforgettable ride.


Discover a land of adventure from jungle surfing through the rainforest to jet skiing along golden sandy beaches.

Riverlife meets wildlife

There's no better way to explore a waterway city like Brisbane than on a river adventure. Treat yourself to a gentle workout with a private kayak or paddle boarding tour. It's a hands-on way to explore both the natural and urban landscape of Queensland's river city. And if water's not your thing, you can test your skills on the cliffs by abseiling or rock-climbing at Kangaroo Point.

To meet some of the cutest (and cuddliest) inhabitants of Australia, take a trip to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the world's largest koala sanctuary. Here you can feed your new kangaroo mates by hand, hug a furry marsupial and watch birds of prey in free-flight shows.

In a country famous for its coastline, the Great Beach Drive stands out as a must-do experience.

Calling all super heroes

You simply can't go to the Gold Coast without indulging your inner thrill-seeker. With several major theme parks, it's an adrenaline junkie's paradise. It's really just a question of how many rides one person can fit into one day.

Queensland's super hero experiences extend beyond the theme parks. Flyboarding is one of the more recent additions to the local adventure scene. Propelled by a large jet of water, you can soar through the air, hover above the surface and dive like a dolphin. One minute you feel superhuman and the next you're hilariously out of control.

Greatness comes naturally

In a country famous for its coastline, the Great Beach Drive stands out as a must-do experience. Instead of putting wheel to road, this trip lets you drive across 200km of non-stop beach. All you need is a 4WD and a healthy appetite for discovery.

Connecting the Sunshine Coast to the Fraser Coast, the drive passes through two UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, a World Heritage Marine Park and the largest sand island in the world. If you're lucky you may even spot a humpback whale in the distance.

Monuments to man and nature

Paronella Park, south of Cairns, was built in 1929 by a passionate Spaniard, Jose Paronella. The park and its castle are a glorious tribute to their colourful creator. You can lose yourself in the wonderful gardens surrounding the eclectic castle or take a spin on the moss-covered dance floor.

Moving from a man-made monument to a monument to nature, find your way inland to the giant lava tubes beneath the Undara Volcanic National Park, three hours outside of Cairns. These immense ancient tunnels have haunting acoustics and can be experienced on informative guided tours.

From under the earth to zipping above it, jungle surfing in the Daintree Rainforest, north of Cairns, is the closest you may come to flying without a plane. Strap on a harness and propel yourself over the dense tropical forest canopy. Over half of Australia's native species can be found in this rainforest, so keep your eyes peeled for unique critters in the foliage beneath you.

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