Exclusive savings on your hotel

Save even more on your hotel booking with these exclusive discount deals.
Add a hotel to your flight

Save up to 49% on accommodation when you book both your flight and hotel with Air New Zealand*

* Savings compared to the costs of that same accommodation when purchased separately and based on a specified time period on Expedia.co.nz from January - December 2017. Travel periods apply.

Save on your hotel when you book a flight

Simply complete your flight booking and follow the prompts to book a hotel. After a flight booking has been made, a package room rate will be presented with the countdown to display how long the rates are available for, based on your booking dates. 

Alternatively, retrieve an existing booking and select 'Book a hotel'.

Please note you are only able to access the package rate discount online following the purchase of your flight. Certain restrictions apply: 

  • The hotel booking needs to be made within the specific validity period as displayed on the countdown clock. This is up to 20 days but varies by flight booking
  • The primary traveller must be over 18 years old
  • A return flight booking is required with at least 1 night between the flights
  • Your travel must be less than 51 weeks away from the date of booking
  • Other reasons as determined by Expedia

Read through our helpful hotel FAQs or contact the Expedia contact centre at 0800 441 951.

Additional discounts for Airpoints™ members

Log into your Airpoints account to benefit further from 10% member discounts on select hotels.