Carry-on only.

Travelling light? Choose seat if all you need is your carry-on. It's perfect for a short break, and great for kids who don't need a checked bag. Your carry-on can be up to 7kg and you'll get tea, coffee and water. Enjoy gate-to-gate TV, music and games, and buy snacks, drinks and movies if you want more.

More about this fare:

  • Need to add a checked bag later? Simply pull up your booking and change your fare to seat+bag.
  • Get inflight movies right at your seat using your credit card, or buy a voucher at the airport before your flight. It's $10 for all you can watch.
  • Snacks and drinks can be found on our inflightbites menu. We accept credit cards or prepaid vouchers onboard. You can buy them at service desks where your flight departs from.

Note: Inflightbites and movie purchases are not available on the Boeing 777-367ER. However complimentary snacks, beverages and movies will be provided.

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Vouchers for inflight entertainment, snacks and drinks can be bought at airport service desks where your international flight departs from. They're available in NZD $5 denominations, and change can't be given.